The Bridge – Students

The Bridge Youth Ministries desires to make disciples amongst s 6th-12th graders by:

1. Connecting students with Jesus (Isaiah 40:3-5): This is of first importance.  Our hope is that every student has the change to meet, begin a relationship with, and grow in the knowledge of Jesus. 

Our job is to clear barriers, proclaim Jesus, and let Him do the rest.

2. Connecting students to the faith of their parents (Deuteronomy 6:6-9): We believe Christian parents are the primary disciple makers in the lives of students. 

We do not seek to take over that role, but rather to come alongside parents and reinforce the faith lessons they are teaching their children, and equip them to continue teaching their own.

3. Connecting spiritual orphans to a faith family (James 1:27): Knowing that not all students have Christian parents, we also seek to come alongside those students without a faith influence at home, and support them in their relationship with Jesus.

Our greatest hope for these students is to also reach their parents for Christ.

4. Connecting students to the Church (1 Corinthians 12:27): We believe that all Christians have a place in the Body of Christ, no matter the age. 

Because of this we long to get students plugged into ministry and worship in the larger local church body, as well as the global Church.

To find out how you/your students can get connected with The Bridge, please contact Todd Brown at