December 30, 2021 Newsletter

2021 Contributions
The church office will be closed Monday, Dec. 27 – Friday, Dec. 31. 

Don’t forget!  If you have any end of the year contributions, you must have them postmarked by December 31 to count on your 2021 giving record.
Starting January 2nd, we will begin a 5 week message series called, “How to Know When You Grow”.  We can measure heights, weight, IQ, reflexes, strength, blood pressure, and so much more to determine if we’re healthy/mentally physically.  But what about spiritual growth?  How do you measure that?  Come be a part of this series on Sundays in January to find out!
December Food Cupboard Numbers
   41 Families       6 New Families      113 Total People Served
We also had one LHS student come and helped.
If you have any questions or would like to help with the Food Cupboard,    call Cheryl Dreitz at 620-655-3548.  Our next food cupboard is on Saturday, January 8th from 10 – 11:30 AM.                         
                            Thanks for your help with this ministry!
Jumpstart 2022
What: A 3 night conference to kick off the new year with Worship, Prayer, and the Word.
Who’s Speaking: The guest speaker is Runks Runkles
Who’s Invited: All of FSBC and anyone else from the community!
When: January 9-11th, 2022. 6:30 PM each evening

Critically broken. These words describing the lives of Turkmen families are heavy with the weight of millions of hard choices.
Life in Turkmenistan, one of the most repressive countries in the world according to those in the region, causes many Turkmen to look for an escape route. Political and social stressors play a role, but a lack of basic necessities is the driving force.
“Life has been very difficult in Turkmenistan,” says Lara Bingham*, an IMB worker in Central Asia. “They’ve not had access to regular products, like flour and sugar. They’re standing in long lines each day just to get eggs.”
Feeling they have no options, mothers make the choice to leave babies with family members to find work in Turkey. Men move to Moscow as migrant laborers despite low wages and harsh treatment. Husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children— Turkmen families are fractured and spun out across a continent to survive.
“There seems to be a desperation among the people. They can’t make ends meet within the country, so they go out,” explains Anthony Bingham*, Lara’s husband.
In Turkey alone, an estimated 1-2 million Turkmen people are working as migrants. The total Turkmen population within Turkmenistan is only about 4.5 million, so the large number of people leaving reflects the desperation families feel.
Sometimes that restlessness opens their hearts to answers beyond money. Some who move abroad are able to hear the gospel for the first time.
“God is doing things; people are coming to faith,” Anthony says. “But coming to faith means you are signing up for a rougher life.”
Persecution is rampant in Turkmenistan, where Islam is the majority religion and religious liberties are not protected. When people identify themselves as believers in Jesus, they risk losing their jobs. Their families often reject them, and police beatings and false accusations are common.
“Combine that with the already dysfunctional relational aspects of life, and believers really have a hard time,” Anthony says.
Despite this reality, some believers have returned to Turkmenistan “even though they feared it was a death sentence,” Lara says. Others are making plans to return. Lara sees this as a hopeful step for families stretched and broken in the quest for financial security.
Lara describes one couple who have put their faith in Jesus. They haven’t seen their son for years and they are realizing they need to go back and raise him in the faith.
“It’s a promising perspective for this one family. And it seems at least two other families are thinking along those same lines. It’s a systemic problem, but this newer generation might turn it around,” she says.
Join the vision to reaching the multitudes from every language, people, tribe and nation knowing and worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ. We can pray for the IMB missionaries and those whom they serve. Please financially give. Our goal for the Lottie Moon Offering is $2,000.
Due to the recent tornado devastation Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams are on standby in anticipation of being called to help in Kentucky. Other SBDR teams are working in the surrounding states. Working in these affected areas will include clean up, chainsaw work, mud out, and perhaps salvaging possessions for homeowners.
Everyone is welcome to go. For example one story is of a lady who could not do much work, but she was found handing out water for the crews and meeting other needs as well!
Other local Southern Baptist Churches are being contacted to form a team in anticipation of being involved and deployed in January. There will be onsite training to be qualified to serve through SBDR. Contact Wayne Melanson 620-626-9326 for more information.
From Frank McCrary, KNCSB State Director for Disaster Relief:
I have been in contact with most of the DR directors in the affected areas. Arkansas, Alabama, and Illinois are handling the damage in their states. Kentucky was hit the hardest. Ron Crow said they are still assessing the damage.
Illinois is sending to Kentucky an Incident Command team and chaplains right away; with other teams as needed. Missouri is doing hot meals tonight. I am sure they will be asking for more chaplains.
Chuck Neece has notified the associational coordinators to put their teams on STANDBY, just in case. I am expecting a national call from Sam Porter this afternoon or tomorrow morning with a needs assessment report. 
In the meantime, we 
  • Wait – for official news from the National DR team.  Any unauthorized deployment will result in a loss of ability to serve as an SBDR again. 
  • Pray – without ceasing for our neighbors. 
  • Watch – for emails from Chuck Neece with instructions and from Cecil Dale for information. 
Warmest regards,
Frank A. McCrary, Director
Disaster Relief & Chaplaincy Ministries
Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists

December 10, 2021 Tornado Outbreak

The Kentucky death toll continues to rise.  Now up to 70.  Prayers needed for workers trapped in collapsed candle factory in hard hit Mayfield, KY.

Rescue operations are still ongoing.  Do NOT self deploy!  Self deploying could actually hinder rescue operations.  It may be a couple of days before we are asked to deploy.  Please be patient so that an organized response can take place and help the most number of survivors.

If you can’t deploy, you can still support KNCSB Disaster Relief:
As teams prepare for possible deploying, your prayers for their safety are essential.  Pray that these DR volunteers would be empowered by God to make a difference in Jesus’ name.  Please remember to lift them up in your prayers, as well as for the survivors of this disaster. 

Finally, if you would like to help financially, please consider giving to KNCSB Disaster Relief.  To give, please make checks payable to KNCSB.  Please write “Disaster Relief” in the memo area.  Checks can be mailed to:
KNCSB Disaster Relief
5410 SW 7th St.
Topeka, KS 66606-2398
For a view of some of the damage in Kentucky, please view the video in the following links:
Hey Church – 

You’ve probably already heard that there are some changes coming regarding the staffing of our Kids Ministry. In the event that you haven’t heard, both Norma Jean Dodge, our Children’s Coordinator, and Nique Brown, our Nursery Coordinator, have prayerfully decided to step down from their respective positions effective December 31 this year. We’re incredibly grateful for their years of service and for the healthy way in which both ladies are pursuing this change! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition of Norma Jean or Nique, please take the time to seek these ladies out and talk to them directly.

As we look towards the future of our Kid’s Ministry here at First Southern Baptist Church, we will be pursuing a single, full time position for the role of Kid’s Coordinator (this position will include oversight of kids, birth – 5th grade). If you’re interested in this position, or know of someone who might be, check out the link below! If you have questions about the position, check out the link below! If you just want to be in the know about the details of this position, check out the link below! 

In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate your continued prayers for wisdom and understanding as the Personnel Team is seeking God’s will regarding the individual who will fill this role. 

Thank you, 
Pastor Mark
Link for Listing.
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First Southern Baptist Church,

Thank you so much for sponsoring all of our students in need here at Cottonwood School.  Your kindness is making a world of difference for these children and families. 

May God continue the best to your congregation.

Cottonwood Elementary School
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2021 Contributions
The church office will be closed Monday, Dec. 27 – Friday, Dec. 31. 

Don’t forget!  If you have any end of the year contributions, you must have them postmarked by December 31 to count on your 2021 giving record.

Offering required weekly $11,374.03 
Offering received for December 26, 2021 – $24,928.01
Year to date budgeted $591,449.56    Year to date received $529,752.47
Christian Light Foundation – $1,210.00    
Lottie Moon Mission Offering – $612.00