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Chairman: Richard Isaacs

The Deacons of First Southern Baptist Church embody the true meaning of both the term and the office.   

Literally, the term “deacon” comes from the Greek word, “diakonos”, which means servant.  Although this word is not used in the passage, the office is described in Acts 6 as an office that is appointed by the church to assist the pastors of the church in carrying out the ministry of the church.

At First Southern Baptist Church of Liberal, we do not see deacons as powerbrokers or a ruling board, but a team of servant-hearted men that are vital and necessary allies to the pastors in ministering to the needs of our fast-growing congregation.

Deacons serve by praying for, visiting, helping, teaching, and leading the families of the church by examples of what the Christian life is supposed to look like.  This is a highly honorable office and all deacons must meet the qualifications set forth by Paul in 1 Timothy 3.

At First Southern Baptist Church of Liberal, we see our church as a family.  What does that mean?  Quite simply, it means we value each and every person that calls FSBC home.  In order to maintain a relationship with the many different families that call FSBC home, we have a Deacon Family Ministry. 

How does the Deacon Family Ministry work?  Good question!  Each family that contains members of First Southern Baptist Church of Liberal is assigned a family deacon.  This deacon is responsible for regular contact with their assigned family.  This means they will contact each of their assigned families once each month by letter, card, phone call, home visit, church visit or through encounters in the community.  In addition to these regular visits, the family deacon will visit if any of the family is hospitalized, or is in need of a visit.  They are there to pray for the family, help the family through difficulty, share the gospel with unsaved family members as the Holy Spirit allows, and help to ensure none of their families fall through the cracks or drifts away unnoticed. 

We encourage the deacons to become much more than just a face or name to their families.  We want you to think of them as another member of your family as they help your family to feel a part of the First Southern Baptist Church family.

If you would like a visit from a deacon to answer questions, just let us know.