Music Ministry

Associate Pastor of Worship and Community: Rev. Jeremy Harris


Vocal Music/Praise Team

OK all you “shower singers”; all you “sing-along-to-the-song-on-the-radio singers”; it’s time to take your love of singing to the next level (is that possible, you ask?)!  What better way to praise the Lord for the blessing of song than to join our Praise Team and sing your heart out?  The Praise Team meets in the Sanctuary Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm.  If you can’t meet then, join us in the Worship Center at 9:00 on Sunday mornings for our “run through”. 

Worship “Tech” Team

Are you good with computers?  Do you like to use programs like Powerpoint?  Do you enjoy working with electronics?  Does the thought of being a camera operator excite you?  The people on the Worship “Tech” Team would love to have you join them!  Here is a list of just a few of their activities:

1. Ensuring the sanctuary is set up each Sunday for sound and projection needs.

2. Operating the  sound, video and lighting equipment for regular and special services.

3. Recording all regular and special services.

4. Making sure the wording is correctly displayed on the screen for worship  services.

5. Making audio/visual copies for the library and  shut-in members of our church worship services.

6. Helping with special events, such as: Christmas functions, The Lord’s Supper,  etc. by making sure appropriate persons are fitted with microphones.

7. Maintaining the electronic equipment used for church services.

If you prefer behind-the-scene kind of work and love techno equipment, this might be just the team for you! 

Music-Reading Class

Would you like to learn another language?  How about learning to read music, the Universal Language?  If you don’t know how to read music but would like to learn, we would be happy to offer a class, using a recorder, to help you learn to read music. We estimate about 4-6 weeks for this class.

Instrumental Music

Another musical opportunity is playing  instruments for Sunday morning worship.  You don’t have to be a professional, or a currently-playing individual!  If you’ve ever played an instrument (even 20+ years ago) and you still have your instrument, or can get access to one, dust it off, get warmed up and come join us for Sunday morning worship!  We play  regular worship music. We also occasionally perform ensemble specials for Sunday morning worship!  The music is usually ready on Wednesday evenings which gives the instrumentalist a chance to look over the music or to practice.  We don’t play to make a perfect noise, but joyful!  Practice is at 9:00 a.m. (Sunday mornings) with the Praise Team.


Have you ever played handbells or heard or seen them being played?  Did you ever wonder what it takes to play handbells?  We have the perfect opportunity for you!  We are blessed to have a
4-octave set of handbells here at FSBC. Sherry Curtis serves as director for the Handbell Team!  A new bell ringer doesn’t have to know how to ring bells, but should know how to read music.  We need more ringers to make full use of all the handbells!  


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