September 30, 2021 Newsletter

                                     Fall Teaching Series!!

We will start our Fall teaching series: Holy Ghost Stories, Astonishing Tales From the Book of Acts!  This series will take us through 13 different accounts of the Holy Spirit leading the early church of Jesus Christ. This is such an exciting teaching series because the same Holy Spirit that equipped the early church to serve, love, and impact their world for Jesus is the same Holy Spirit who is at work in us today!  Don’t miss it!  Be sure to bring a friend along! 
We are excited to be celebrating baptism with 5 people this Sunday, October 3rd. The baptisms will take place at the beginning of the first service (9:30 am). If you are willing to be late for your Sunday School class that morning, we would encourage everyone from both services to come and celebrate this observation of new life together! See you Sunday!
Menu for Wednesday Night, October 6th is:
  Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Vegetable and Dessert.

Click on the link below:
OR call the church office to sign up – 624-0186.
         2021 Viola Webb Offering for State and Associational Missions
Every fall FSBC collects the Viola Webb Mission Offering. This is a split between KNCSB (Kansas Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptist) and WKBA (Western Kansas Baptist Association).
“Celebrating 75 years of sharing the Gospel in Every Town, City and Campus” is the offering theme for 2021-22.
This offering will help support KNCSB church planting, collegiate work, church health, and disaster relief. It will also be used by WKBA for Hispanic outreach and ministry, starting new works, bivocational pastoral support, and education.
The offering is named for Viola Webb who led Kansas-Nebraska Woman’s Missionary Union for 1959 to 1982. KNCSB named the offering in her honor after she retired.
Our goal for this year’s September – October offering is $2,000.
        September Food Cupboard Numbers:
        44 Families Served     12 New Families     129 Total People Served

If you have any questions or would like to help with the Food Cupboard, call Cheryl Dreitz at 620-655-3548.  Our next food cupboard is on Saturday, October 9th  from 10 – 11:30 AM. 
Thanks for your help with this ministry!
               Time for the car wash is 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Game Day:
We will begin the evening by serving free hamburgers, hotdogs & drinks to the community, as well as hosting a meet & greet with the teams before the game starts.  All community groups are invited to take part.  During pregame, quarters, halftime & after the game, there will be a multitude of prizes given away to children & adults which all have been donated through our local businesses.  To receive a prize ticket, bring  nonperishable food items to be collected during the meet & greet (one ticket per person).  All donated goods will be distributed throughout the foodbanks in our area.
          Ladies’ Legacy October Lunch

Thursday, October 14, all ladies are invited to meet at The BrickHouse to eat lunch together – – Dutch treat, from 11:45 a.m. until 1:15 p.m.  Come when you are able.  Bring a friend with you!  Come and enjoy visiting together over lunch.    

             Christian Light School News

Due to the following article from ABC news and the letter from Renee (Lex and Renee Edmé are the new directors of Christian Light School after Sherrie’s retirement), we will not be making our December trip to Christian Light School. We will need to look at a future time to travel to CLS as conditions permit.
Even though CLS just opened back up for students we feel it is best for the delay considering the time it takes to plan the trip and the uncertainty of the near future for Port au Prince.
We have been receiving reports all day about the situation in and around the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince.  Please, our staff and students need your prayers.

Mr. Olritch was on the third floor of the school, showing a teacher where a bullet had hit a window.  While they were looking at it another bullet came right by them and then fell into the kitchen area below.  They were thanking the Lord for His protection over them at that moment.

As much as we all long to see the school year begin, it’s certainly not with bullets flying in the schoolyard.  At this point, we are continuing to pray for PEACE in Port-au-Prince and for safety for all of our students, teachers, and staff members.  Will you join us?

It’s one thing to choose to risk our own safety, but when we are responsible for others we would prefer to err on the side of caution.  We are so grateful that no one was injured today.  Thank you, Jesus!!!  HE knows the children need to learn.  We will petition HIM and trust HIM to guide us as we endeavor to follow.  We so appreciate you joining with us.  Thank you.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haiti’s government is starting to crumble as Prime Minister Ariel Henry faces increased scrutiny from authorities investigating the president’s slaying, with Henry firing the justice minister late Wednesday, just hours after another top official resigned and accused Henry of obstructing justice in a sharply worded letter.
You can scan the QR code above or click on the link to find out more information.
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If anyone would like to have the record boards that we used many years ago, please talk to Rick Keating (624-3726) by October 9th.  
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Offering required weekly $11,374.03 
Offering received for September 26, 2021 – $10,922.05
Year to date budgeted $443,587.17      Year to date received $389,205.68
Christian Light Foundation – $550.00              
Viola Webb Mission Offering – $235.00