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BRIDGE Students Volunteer Opportunities:

Sunday Morning Small Groups Leader:

Equip students with a deeper understanding of God’s word through the weekly study of it using the Gospel Project curriculum weekly year round.

Sunday Night Home Groups Leader:

 Engage with students sharing a meal and facilitating discussion of topical studies weekly during the school year.

Wednesday Night Squad Leader:

Evangelize the lost, and equip believers by leading students through small group discussion of our weekly topic, and engaging with your students both during our study and throughout the week.  Runs weekly during the school year.

Requirements for all positions: Love Jesus and Love Students.

If you would like more information on Volunteering with BRIDGE Student Ministry, click here.

Tech Team Volunteer Opportunities

Sound Engineer

Mix the various microphones and instruments for our in house sound as well as our video production during services.


Change the slides/videos on the screens in the sanctuary during services.

Video Engineer

Switch between various camera shots and direct the camera operators during services to produce our livestream and recorded services.

Camera Operator

Run one of our three cameras during services for our livestream and recording.

Video Producer

Edit our online videos for our website and copying DVD’s or our service for those who cannot attend.

** All positions in the tech team require some degree of technical knowledge or willingness to learn.  Training is available for each of these positions.

If you would like more information on volunteering with the Tech Team, click here.

Worship Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Worship Team

Play an instrument during our services.

Worship Choir/Praise Team

Help lead our musical worship during services through singing. 

Handbell Choir

We have a handbell choir that plays occasionally in service.

If you would like more information on volunteering with the Worship Ministry, click here.

Discipleship Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Discipleship–We have groups that meet on Sunday mornings as well as groups that meet many other times during the week.

Groups Coordinator

Helps to recruit new group leaders, helps get new people plugged into a group, helps to love on and train Group Leaders to be able to better serve their own groups. 

Group Leader

A group leader is responsible for guiding the teaching and discussion portion of the group.

Care Leader

Loving and caring for the members of a group through conversation, prayer, and hospitality.

Ministry Leader

Ministry Leaders will guide the consideration of and organizing of opportunities to serve our community and church family.

One-on-One Discipleship

Take a new believer is Jesus through the basics of what it means to be a Christians. This is a 6 week commitment at minimum.

If you would like more information on volunteering with the Discipleship Ministry, click here.

1st Impressions Volunteer Opportunities


Welcome people to church as they arrive in the parking lot. Wave, smile, shake hands, and love people!


Hand out weekly bulletin, assist in helping to find seats, and great people as they arrive on Sunday mornings!

Next Steps

Help people take steps of obedience towards Jesus! Whether it’s groups, volunteering, spiritual decisions (salvation, baptism) or community outreach, this position is all about plugging people in!


Prepare coffee on Sunday mornings. Greet people as they arrive. Help identify guests and equip them with “I’m New” material.

If you would like more information on volunteering with the 1st Impressions Team, click here.

Nursery Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday School Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Use materials provided to prepare and help lead a weekly Bible lesson with story, music, crafts, and activities appropriate for toddlers and/or preschoolers on Sunday mornings.

Bed Baby Sunday School Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Express God’s love and value for infants and babies by providing high-quality care on Sunday mornings.

Extended Session Volunteers

Serve on a rotating schedule to provide age-appropriate care and activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers during the worship service. 

Evening Childcare Workers

Use materials provided to prepare and help lead a Bible lesson for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers on Sunday and/or Wednesday evenings.

If you would like more information on volunteering in the nursery, click here.

FSBC Children’s Ministry Volunteers

All Children’s Ministry volunteers must watch the Ministry Safe video and complete a background check every two years through FSBC.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School Teacher

FSBC Children’s Ministry Sunday School teachers lead a small group of children (K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 grades) in Bible study from 9:30 am to 10:30 am for . 

Children’s Church Teacher

FSBC Children’s Church Teachers serve on a Sunday on quarterly basis; sometimes more depending on the number of volunteers; teaching K-3 grades during the sermon.

Youth Workers

Children’s Church is a great way to learn  to serve through assisting with teaching, games, crafts, and music. Youth helpers must be in 6th through 12th grade and have attended a training with the Children’s Ministry coordinator.


AWANA Commander

An AWANA commander oversees the program and provides guidance and support to leaders under his or her leadership. 

Book Leaders

Works with groups (4‐12) of AWANA clubbers to  memorize scripture in a fun way;  Encourage group participation and review memory work.  

Cubbies Director

The Cubbies program is for children who are three to four year of age. The director oversees the program under the guidance and supervision of the AWANA Commander. 

Cubbies Workers

Work with children who are three to four years old. Assist the Cubbies Director with book time, games, and crafts. 


Work individually with one child at a time to listen to memory work and help insure the child has both ‘head and heart’ knowledge of the verses memorized. 

Game Director

Works with the AWANA Commander to coordinate weekly games that integrate with the nightly theme. Plan 3‐5 games for Sparks and T&T clubs. 

Game Leaders

Assist the Game Director with weekly games for Sparks and T&T by organizing, setting up, running, and cleaning up games.

Sparks Director

The Sparks program is for children in kindergarten to 2nd grade. The director oversees the program with the guidance and support of the AWANA Commander and sets membership goals together. 

Song Leader

Minister to Cubbies, Sparks, and T&T through music. 

T&T Director

The T&T program is for clubbers in the 3rd through 5th grades. The director oversees the program with the guidance and support of the AWANA Commander and sets membership goals together. 


1-8th Grade Teacher

Leads the Bible lessons to each group of children as they rotate through the stations. 

1-8th Grade Teaching Assistants

Assisting the teacher with daily tasks, such as keeping a group on task, helping with lesson presentation, and running errands. 

Cleaning Team

The cleaning team assists the FSBC custodial staff to remove trash, vacuum the building, and clean bathrooms after each day of VBS.

Clean-up/Tear Down Crew

For those who can’t commit to serving during the week but would have a couple of hours on Thursday evening (the last day of VBS) and/or the Saturday afternoon before VBS to assist with cleaning the building. 


Design a simple newsletter to go home nightly with the children as well as place it on the Church VBS newsletter that includes what happened for the day and what will happen during the week. .


Facilitates well-prepared craft projects for VBS participants. This team only meets with the children for two nights and then assists the other two nights with the missions team. 


The decorations team works with the musical team leader and the VBS director to create and build indoor sets and props for the musical and worship rally. 


This job requires someone who is easy going, likes variety and “can go with the flow” and help wherever the need arises. 


Develop ideas and plans to reach children and their families once VBS is over; connect with children and families that were part of VBS especially those families that do not attend a church; send follow up letter/postcard; and promote upcoming events that families may be interested in.

Food/Kitchen Crew

The Food/Kitchen Crew will prepare and provide the evening meal for all the children and helpers during VBS.


Devise and coordinate with the Director the mission project for VBS; share the VBS mission stories with the children. This team only meets with the children for two nights and then assists the other two nights with the crafts team. 


Must be comfortable leading music in front of groups with enthusiasm. Learn the music and motions for the songs. Meet with your team prior to VBS, to go over the music. Lead singing during any VBS assemblies.


Recruit a cast. Schedule and direct rehearsals. This team usually meets weekly beginning in May until VBS kicks off.

Nursery Coordinator

The Nursery Coordinator oversees the nursery (0-4 years old) and assists with recruitment of his/her team. The coordinator will work hand-in-hand with the VBS Director. 


Having a nursery attendant to take care of young children, ages 0-4, is an important way to empower other adults to help out at VBS. If you love babies/toddlers and want to spend a week hanging out with them as well as sharing the VBS lesson with them, this job is for you! 


This person will have the unique opportunity to see VBS from every angle. You will wander around each evening taking random photos of the children and helpers. 

Prayer Team

This team meets daily throughout VBS to specifically lift up in prayer all who are attending VBS, their families, the workers and any other concern that arise during the week.

Preschool Coordinator

The Preschool Coordinator oversees the preschoolers (4 years old by September 1st) and assists with recruitment of his/her team. The coordinator will work hand-in-hand with the VBS Director. 


Assist the Preschool Coordinator with teaching the Gospel through bible stories, crafts, missions, and music. 


Promote VBS to the community, parents, and children; designing promotional materials to be used for email, social media, and any other method of delivery.

Rec Crew

Direct games in a designated area throughout the week of VBS. Games will be provided and the team is responsible for selecting the games for the week.


The team will assist parents/guardians with the registration paperwork. The Registration Team will make sure each child is checked in and out of our VBS safely and smoothly. 


This position is important to keep our children and VBS team safe during the week of VBS. 

Tech Team

Run the audio and visual for the VBS musical VBS Worship Rally during the week. Capture VBS on video to share with the families nightly.

VBS Director

This volunteer position is key in directing the church’s largest outreach program for children and families by recruiting and training volunteers.

Youth Workers

VBS is a great way to learn to serve through assisting with teaching, games, crafts, and music. Youth helpers must have completed 8th grade and no older than a graduating senior upon the start of VBS. Must attend scheduled VBS training and meet with the assigned team.

If you would like more information on volunteering with FSBC Childrens Ministry, click here.